crosslucid: Sylwana Zybura & Tomas C. Toth
Pamela C. Scorzin

CROSSLUCID is an ­interdisciplinary ­collective from Berlin and the ­synthesis of the young ­artist duo ­Sylwana ­Zybura and Tomas C. Toth:
­“Appearing in a ­transitional reality, its aim is to ­instigate new ­associations and ­investigate the ­possibility of novel arrangements. Its ­current practice spans video, ­photography, ­collage, ­installation, ­character ­design and creative ­direction. ­CROSSLUCID ­accelerates the ­inter­section ­between realities with their ­combinations of multi­faceted visual systems and performative practices.”(2)

Our identities can be ­created and communicated by fashion and style.
Thus, the self has become a virtual unity constantly in flux.

The self-designed body is a hybrid and synthetic fabric basically woven through interactions and inter­dependencies. And, it evolves as a ­subject mainly in relation to the other and the object. It is CROSSLUCID’s deep ­interest to explore the extent to which people ­nowadays construct their identities - sexually, culturally, and politically. Especially, the reflection of emerging advanced ­technologies, that constitute the way our human bodies and minds now communicate with each other, also plays a ­crucial part in their artistic research. The impact of technological progress on visionary body ­concepts ultimately leads to ­manifold new ways in which the fabric of ­identity can be trans­cended, ­establishing a fundamental ­potential of fluid variables and fashion­able expressions of the synthetic self and its ­perceptions by ­others. Herein, ­CROSSLUCID’s multi-sensory workings function as a design laboratory of visionary ideas, and their mesmerizing imagery as artistic prototyping.(3)

For example, within an ongoing series of intimate portraits of strikingly captivating and intricate personalities, the human body is being analyzed, (de-)constructed, and dispersed, staged as well as iconized. Yet, at the same time, that body also appears in a state of ­uncertainty, cyborgization, and metamorphose: The designed self here ­appears ­rather unstable and glitchy, ­seamlessly slipping ­between one ­virtual avatar and the ­other.

Captured in fascinating gender ­in­determinacy, or rather in a fashionable agender, these stylized bodies ­occupy a realm of quantum possibility, suspended indefinitely, they resist the inexorable impetus towards division and otherness.(4)

Apart from the low-key material sourcing as well as elaborate and meti­culous prop creation, hereby referring to surrealistic collage and montage, the subsequent construction of new identities and hybrid characters has been an unrehearsed, ­stimulating exchange of aesthetic sensibilities and creative sympathies between the ­portrayed and ­CROSSLUCID,5 as the artists Sylwana Zybura and Tomas C. Toth emphasize: “Our ­ongoing ­project Landscapes ­Between ­Eternities has been conceived in a mode where within the boundaries of the ­absolutely momentary, and thus very instinctual space we were simulating the creation of the ­composition/ ­prototyping of parallel identities mapped on our subject.
This had established an exciting tension during this process, investigating the possibilities for the self to morph (or to allow this morphing) into its potentialities.” (6) [...]